Clothing Stores

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The 36,700 clothing retailers in the U.S. generate revenue by selling a variety of apparel and apparel-related products to consumers. Clothing stores sell primarily new clothing, and may specialize in a particular category, such as men, women, children, infants, families, or accessories. Family clothing stores account for just over half of industry sales. Women’s clothing stores are 25%; other specialty stores are 7%, and men’s clothing stores are 5%.

NAICS: 4481
SIC: 5137, 56x1, 5632

Chapter List

  1. Industry Forecast and Structure
  2. How Firms Operate
  3. Working Capital
  4. Capital Financing
  5. Risks to Watch Out For
  6. Industry Trends
  7. Quarterly Insight
  8. Call Prep Questions
  9. Web Links
  10. Just the Numbers

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