Exam Preparation and Tutoring Services

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The 6,000 exam prep and tutoring service providers in the U.S. offer preparation for standardized tests and academic tutoring programs. Some firms provide basic education and personal improvement programs. Firms may also specialize in occupation, technical, and trade professional development. The industry includes non-profit organizations, franchises, chains, and independent operators. Non-profit organizations account for almost a quarter of all firms and about 20% of industry revenue.

NAICS: 611691
SIC: 8299

Chapter List

  1. Industry Forecast and Structure
  2. How Firms Operate
  3. Working Capital
  4. Capital Financing
  5. Risks to Watch Out For
  6. Industry Trends
  7. Quarterly Insight
  8. Call Prep Questions
  9. Web Links
  10. Just the Numbers

Total pages between 20-30

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