Hotels & Motels

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The 38,600 hotel and motel companies in the U.S. provide lodging for business and leisure travelers. The industry includes chains, franchises, and independent hotels. Franchise hotels are branded properties with independent owners. The franchise brand (Marriott, Hampton Inn, etc.) is known as the 'flag.' Large chains may offer franchises in addition to operating corporate-owned properties. Just under 60% of hotels are affiliated with a chain.

NAICS: 721110
SIC: 7011

Chapter List

  1. Industry Forecast and Structure
  2. How Firms Operate
  3. Working Capital
  4. Capital Financing
  5. Risks to Watch Out For
  6. Industry Trends
  7. Quarterly Insight
  8. Call Prep Questions
  9. Web Links
  10. Just the Numbers

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