Men's and Boy's Apparel Wholesalers

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The 3,500 men’s and boy’s apparel wholesalers in the U.S. act as middlemen between apparel manufacturers and retailers. They purchase apparel and accessories in large quantities from manufacturers and importers and resell them to retailers. Some firms have exclusive relationships with manufacturers to sell within a designated territory. Wholesalers often represent multiple apparel manufacturers and carry a variety of categories, brands, and styles. Some firms specialize in past season or overstock merchandise.

NAICS: 424320
SIC: 5136

Chapter List

  1. Industry Forecast and Structure
  2. How Firms Operate
  3. Working Capital
  4. Capital Financing
  5. Risks to Watch Out For
  6. Industry Trends
  7. Quarterly Insight
  8. Call Prep Questions
  9. Web Links
  10. Just the Numbers

Total pages between 20-30

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