Securities Brokers

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The 9,000 securities brokerages in the U.S. generate the majority of revenue through asset management fees or by charging commissions and transaction fees on client trades. Brokerages can also earn net interest revenue (difference between interest earned and brokerage interest expense) and fees for providing financial planning and advisory services. In addition, firms may receive “payment for order” for directing trades through a particular exchange or channel.

NAICS: 523120
SIC: 6211

Chapter List

  1. Industry Forecast and Structure
  2. How Firms Operate
  3. Working Capital
  4. Capital Financing
  5. Risks to Watch Out For
  6. Industry Trends
  7. Quarterly Insight
  8. Call Prep Questions
  9. Web Links
  10. Just the Numbers

Total pages between 20-30

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